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4-Jun-2012 - REC LIST
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Teen Wolf Fic Rec List [Season 1]

Of course, there is my currently 90+ AO3 Bookmark Page for everything, but these are my personal favs and should be mandatory reads.

Other Notes:

* All fics written within the Teen Wolf mythos presented in Season 1.

* I don't include many warnings because you'll see all the relevant ones when you click through. General warnings: lots of dub-con but no non-con, pack dynamics, and wolf!kinks [marking/scenting/knotting].

* Just drop me a reply if you want a specific fic to have a warning added. Or if a fic link leads you somewhere else/is broken.

* No particular order, tho I did start trying to break up the heartbreaking ones with hilarious reads, but yeah this lacks all form of order.

* By no means is this comprehensive, I'm only halfway through the second prompt post over on teenwolfkink and I'm terrible at keeping track of LJ fic. This is almost all AO3 fic.

* Don't be afraid to click on author names! I got seriously picky/lazy around the 40th or so fic. There is more goodness if you dig a little ;)

Stiles/Derek [Multi-Chapter Fic and 'verses]

Stiles/Derek [Multi-Chapter Fic and 'verses] )

Stiles/Derek [one-shots/smut]

Stiles/Derek [one-shots/smut] )

Gen/Other [all]

Gen/Other [all] )
27-Oct-2011 - Hello from LJ!
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Just making a post :)
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